The K-Pop Idol Trainee Who Decided To Debut In A Band… Despite Not Playing An Instrument

“I was so bad at dancing that I wanted to be in a band…”

Day6‘s Sungjin recently sat down for an interview with one of his fan’s moms as part of the YouTube channel HeyNews‘ popular series.  In most episodes of the series, K-Pop idols open up about the difficulties they’ve faced in trying to achieve their dreams of debut.

Day6’s Sungjin

Like how Kep1er‘s Hikaru didn’t know how long she would have to train before she would either debut or decide to go back home to Japan.

Kep1er’s Hikaru

Or how former IZ*ONE‘s Choi Yena thought she had failed her first chance at getting proper screen time during Mnet‘s Produce 48.

Choi Yena

And idols like BTOB‘s Changsub have opened up about the difficulties BTOB endured even years after their debut.

BTOB’s Changsub

But when discussing his trainee life, Sungjin had a different experience than most of the idols who have appeared in the series, admitting to his fan’s mother the unusual circumstance of how he went from a K-Pop idol trainee to debuting as a part of a band.

Sungjin explained that he “started practicing dancing and singing together when [he] was 19-20 years old.

| HeyNews/YouTube 

As a trainee, Sungjin diligently practiced dancing for around three years but was still “so bad at dancing that [he] wanted to be in a band.”

| HeyNews/YouTube 

However, even though Sungjin wouldn’t have had to dance much if he debuted in a band, he still had to learn how to play an instrument. He started with “rhythm instruments.” Initially making his debut in 5LIVE, where he “played percussion.”

| HeyNews/YouTube 

But “about three months before [Day6’s] debut, [his] role suddenly changed to guitar.

| HeyNews/YouTube 

Not only would it be arduous to learn how to play a new instrument from scratch, but Sungjin also found it difficult “to change the instrument” he was learning how to play.

| HeyNews/YouTube 

But for his group, he “tried [his] best to do [his] best” to learn to play guitar.

| HeyNews/YouTube 

And, of course, despite his unexpected start, Sungjin has become an impressive guitar player and phenomenal vocalist for Day6. He even impressed his fan’s mother with his talent, attitude, and personality.

| HeyNews/YouTube 
Source: HeyNews

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