Do Straws Have One Hole Or Two Holes? TXT Members Get Into A Debate Over The Mystery

It’s time to pick your sides.

Following the fierce debate the boys of TXT had with one butt vs. two butts, another MOS started up something entirely different when she asked the boys, “do straw have one hole or two holes? I’m being serious.

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The boys couldn’t resist striking up yet another debate.

Beomgyu: I wanted to pass on this on purpose.

Taehyun: Soobin and Taehyun say 2, the rest say 1.

Taehyun: What a hot potato.

It seems like the debate got heated as Beomgyu warned the fans to “run away” as “the kids are fighting“. Of course, more fans just gathered to watch as Beomgyu indicated that “things were starting up” again!

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See for yourself whose argument you’re convinced by!

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Huening Kai: When you blow, it comes out of one place only.

Huening Kai: It’s one long hole.

Taehyun: But if there’s only one hole, the drink wouldn’t come out.

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Soobin: No but the hole is connected so you guys are saying it’s one but you guys will say there are three holes if someone punches a hole in the center, right? Even if the top and bottom are connected, there’s one connector but two holes.

Taehyun: Even if you go into a black hole, the connector is a wormhole but at the exit, it’s called a white hole – these holes are differently named. Even if the black and white holes are connected, they’re considered two holes.

At this point, our brains are starting to hurt.

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Beomgyu: Even if there’s a tunnel, the entrance and exit are separated so it’s correct that it’s two holes.

Yeonjun finally made a comment and we’re not sure whose side he’s on.

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Yeonjun: But what’s important here is that if there’s anyone who has removed their wisdom teeth recently, you can’t use straws.

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Huening Kai: Even for shirt buttons, people call it 4 holes.

Yeonjun: No but why is this ending when I just came?

Huening Kai: So when you punch a hole in the wall, do you consider it two holes?

It seems like the boys got tired of arguing as it swiftly end here.

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Huening Kai: Hmm?

Yeonjun: That reminds me of the time when we were trainees…and we made a hole in the wall from playing the horse stacking game and we got scolded…(smile).

On that happy memory, the debate concluded without a proper answer! MOAs, who’s side are you on?

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