ENHYPEN Show Off Their Humility And Maturity As They Open Up About What Being An Idol Is Really Like

They also talked about when they don’t feel like idols.

ENHYPEN are proving themselves to be an incredibly talented group with powerful stage presence and memorable songs. The members all debuted by competing in the survival show I-Land, with each member pursuing their dream of debut for different reasons.

For instance, Jake went from being an Australian high school student to making his debut in just one year because of an iconic BTS performance.

Jake | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

And Ni-Ki made his idol debut after performing as a backup dancer for another iconic group.

Ni-Ki | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Although all of the members are talented, they’ve received different receptions about their new status as idols, with Sunoo‘s classmates not feeling very surprised about his debut…

Sunoo | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

And Sunghoon‘s sister supporting her brother in her own way.

Sunghoon | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

And, of course, Jungwon has always shown off his incredible professionalism as the group’s leader.

Jungwon | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

ENHYPEN recently appeared on the YouTube channel odg to surprise three students who love idols. At first, the staff warned ENHYPEN that the students might not recognize them since they didn’t want to spoil the surprise by asking the students about their favorite artists.

And even though ENHYPEN thought there was a good chance they wouldn’t be recognized, which only makes sense since they’ve opened up in the past about hoping for more Korean fans, the members proved their humility by pointing out that “There’s nothing to be sorry about [if they don’t know them]. It’s not like knowing [ENHYPEN] is mandatory education.”

Jay | odg/YouTube 

And Jake even pointed out that he “also [doesn’t] know many celebrities.”

| odg/YouTube 

Heeseung even shared that if the students didn’t know them, it was just a sign that they should keep working harder.

Heeseung | odg/YouTube 

Given their belief that there was a likely chance that the students wouldn’t recognize them, it’s not surprising that ENHYPEN admitted that they don’t usually feel like idols. According to Sunghoon, he only feels like an idol “when [he’s] performing on stage. But when [he’s] practicing, [he doesn’t] really feel that.

| odg/YouTube 

And despite being a popular celebrity, Jay also “usually [doesn’t] feel like an idol” and instead feels like he’s “just living an ordinary life.

| odg/YouTube   

Of course, all three students did recognize ENHYPEN, and they were able to share a meaningful experience. But ENHYPEN truly proved just how humble and mature their mentalities are.

Source: odg

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