Have You Ever Wondered Whether TWICE’s Jeongyeon Would Be More Popular With Long Hair?

Here are the facts.

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon is a total “girl crush“. She’s so fierce that she inspires fans to scream “step on me!” But despite this, in many popularity polls, she’s always stuck somewhere near the middle.

Why is that? Could it be because of her short hair?

While that sentiment might be silly, there are people who judge a woman’s attractiveness by the length of her hair.

While the question about Jeongyeon’s hair has been on the tip of some fans’ tongues for a while, the answer is quite a pleasant surprise. Back in 2018, ONCEs put together a chart mapping Jeonyeon’s hairstyles in correlation with her popularity. What the results showed is that fans actually love her with short hair.

Additionally, most of Jeongyeon’s fans are men! It seems that Jeongyeon has been breaking barriers and defying societal expectations since her debut.

Do you prefer Jeongyeon with short hair or long hair, or do you not care either way?