EXO-L’s Continue To Support EXO’s Chen With Positive Hashtags

EXO-L’s are showing just how powerful they are.

Despite all the protests and statements regarding the withdrawal of Chen from EXO, EXO-L’s are standing up all around the world to support Chen.

These are the current number of Tweets posted for each hashtag during the time this article is being written.


Recently, an official statement from EXO-L ACE was revealed online requesting the withdrawal of Chen. Then on January 19, K EXO-L’s held a physical protest outside of SMTOWN Coex Atrium to voice their opinions on the withdrawal of Chen from the group.

EXO GLOBAL on Twitter expressed that they are representing all EXOL’s regardless of nationality, and stated that they are gathered together to fight for basic human rights.


They also recently thanked international EXO-L’s for their tremendous support in helping them regarding this matter.

“If it wasn’t for our international EXO-L fan bases, the voices of the opponents would have gotten bigger. It is due to the efforts of EXO-L’s all around the world that we were able to get this matter to subside to the level it is at now. I was truly touched to see all the EXO-L’s putting in all their efforts today to support the group. We are always thankful to everyone.”


EXO-L’s are continuing to spread positivity and showing support for Chen through these hashtags on Twitter.







It is truly touching to see how much EXO-L’s love and support the group!

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