Fake Huening Kai Asks Netizens To Stop Spreading His Photos

“I must refute the rumors that are circling around me”

So now we know 16-year old HueningKai is the third member of BigHit’s new group Tomorrow X Together (TXT).

Ever since BigHit’s announcement of a new boy band, Netizens have been searching every corner of the internet universe to find clues and answers about the members.

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Although we found out many predictions of the fan detectives were actually accurate, with so many information flooding the fan site, some mistakes were bound to happen.

Before the official photo of HueningKai was released, suspected photos of the third member began circulating via social media.

These photos became the first image fans would see if they searched HueningKai’s name.

However, netizens realized they made a mistake when the man in the photos claimed he is not HueningKai and certainly not a member of the new group, TXT.

He revealed his name as Murat, and explained he has auditioned for BigHit and SM Entertainment in the past, but he is currently not a trainee in any company.

He added although he is grateful for everyone’s attention and support, he would like to ask people to stop spreading rumors or refer to him as HueningKai anymore.


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