BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Said That Taeyang Doesn’t Have Any Friends… And Taeyang Agreed

He does consider BIGBANG his friends, though.

Despite being international superstars who are well-loved in the K-Pop industry, members of BIGBANG often talk about how lonely they are.

In fact, the group’s leader G-Dragon once said, “It’s really lonely after a concert because everyone goes to their own room afterward.

Taeyang also often discussed his feelings of loneliness during past interviews. In fact, when the topic came up during a past interview on the show Oppa Thinking, G-Dragon himself said that Taeyang doesn’t have any friends, and that he is his only friend.

Taeyang went on to clarify that he’s a homebody and doesn’t meet a lot of people, and thus, he considers his fellow BIGBANG members as his closest friends.

Before you feel too sad for Taeyang, his statement seems to be in line with his values. He’s incredibly humble and giving, which likely has a lot to do with his rags-to-riches life story. And, even if he doesn’t have many friends… we all know that quality is more important than quantity, and we’re sure he counts his beautiful wife, who was his first love, among his friends.

How do you feel about Taeyang not having many friends? Do you think it’s better to keep your friendship circle small or have lots of friends?

Source: SCMP Style