G-Dragon Once Sent Kwanghee The Most Touching Message Of Encouragement

We’d all love a friend like him.

G-Dragon and Kwanghee are known to be good friends ever since they collaborated as a trio on the song “MAPSOSA” along with Taeyang for Infinite Challenge. The three are the same age with completely different personalities, creating the best chemistry among the three.

When the two reunited on a later episode for Infinity Challenge in 2016, Kwanghee revealed a touching message that G-Dragon had once thoughtfully sent him.

Kwanghee-yah, are you doing well? I’ve been keeping up with you through your broadcasts. You’re probably concerned about this and that these days, right? You’re doing well so straighten your shoulders and be bold and confident. You’re funny! Don’t be too pressured and press on. Although I can’t contact you often because of my busy schedule, I’m always rooting for you.

— G-Dragon

Kwanghee was facing a lot of malicious comments during that point in time, so the message became a significant source of strength. Hilariously, it seems that Kwanghee did not know that it was G-Dragon at first because he had changed his number!

  • Kwanghee: “Who are you?”
  • G-Dragon: “Ah right. I changed my number. This is Jiyong.”
  • Kwanghee: “Oh my. Thank you, Jiyong.”
  • G-Draogn: “Alright, have strength, my friend.”

What a touching exchange! Although Kwanghee claims that the two have drifted a little bit during G-Dragon’s service, we’re sure that they’re still getting along well. Check out the clip below.