(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Goes off After Getting Called Ugly on Live Broadcast

Shuhua thinks it was the same malicious netizen who terrorized Soojin’s broadcast.

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua recently held a live broadcast for fans where she was unexpectedly targeted by a malicious netizen.

During the live broadcast, Shuhua was reading the comment section when she spotted an insult targeting her looks.

There’s something on your face. It’s called ugly.

– Netizen

As soon as Shuhua saw that, she put on a straight face and expressed her disappointment.

If you say that, my family’s hearts will ache. My heart aches, too.

– Shuhua

But Shuhua then expressed her anger and asked if they were the same malicious netizen that terrorized Soojin‘s broadcast.

Wait, is this the same person from last time? The one who called Soojin Unnie… Are you crazy? Seriously? Get out!

– Shuhua

Her fellow member, Miyeon then came to Shuhua’s side, and Shuhua told Miyeon everything that had happened.

I found someone who left a mean comment. They said I have ugly on my face. I’m mad.

– Shuhua

In response, Miyeon defended Shuhua, asking in what way Shuhua’s face was ugly.

Where do you see any ugly on Shuhua’s face?

– Miyeon

Miyeon’s comforting must have worked because it gave Shuhua the courage to tell off the malicious commenter.

That person is the most ugly. That person doesn’t even have a face.


Shuhua’s refreshing clap-back has fans responding with comments such as “You have to tell off malicious commenters“, “Stop leaving mean comments“, and “Shuhua is so cute and pretty.

Source: Insight