(G)I-DLE Open Up About Why They Want To Shatter Expectations And Stereotypes For Idols

They have always impressed fans with their honesty.

(G)I-DLE is well-loved for being a K-Pop group that doesn’t necessarily conform to the strict standards often set for idol groups. The group constantly tries to subvert societal norms through music and fan interactions.

For instance, (G)I-DLE’s recent comeback, I Love, featured the title track “NXDE,” which embraced the risqué concept to show off not only the members’ true, vulnerable selves but to “beat the stereotypes” associated with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe.

Do they just want to look sexy?’ That’s what most people would think. I want to beat that kind of bias as well.

— Soyeon

(G)I-DLEs Shuhua, Miyeon, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Minnie | @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Similarly, (G)I-DLE’s previous comeback, “TOMBOY,” shocked Soyeon by winning on a music broadcast despite cursing in the lyrics.

I’ve been shocked to see that this kind of song can win 1st place. [There are] some beeping parts and bad words in the song, right? In a way, as idol singers, there are some words we mustn’t use, right? I’m not sure why we should follow such a prejudice. Anyway, we persuaded people to break it.

— Soyeon

Soyeon has also opened up about not letting the criticism she’s faced for writing and producing music stop her.

Before debuting, it was rare for female idols to learn composition, so when I said I wanted to compose and produce, everyone thought it was strange…

When talking about idols and producers like GD and Zico, they said, ‘They are men.’ Whenever I heard this, I wondered, ‘What does that matter?’

— Soyeon

Soyeon | @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

Shuhua has also received tremendous praise from netizens for her candid comments, like how she took a public stance against violence toward women.

Shuhua | @yeh.shaa_/Instagram

Yuqi has also raised awareness about the prejudice that female idols often face.

Yuqi | @yuqisong.923/Instagram

And Minnie and Miyeon have both garnered praise when they showed immense kindness towards fans, encouraging fans to follow their dreams and unexpectedly responding to a fan’s meaningful request.

Minnie | @min.nicha/Instagram
Miyeon | @noodle.zip/Instagram

In a recent interview with GRAMMY, (G)I-DLE explained that while they are known for not conforming to expected stereotypes for idols, they do so simply by being true to themselves.

We don’t try too hard to keep up with the restrictions because we’re a K-Pop group. We just express ourselves as much as possible and as much as we want.

— Soyeon

Minnie explained that they want to be “honest to our fans” about who they are.

Like we said in ‘Tomboy,’ ‘Just me, I-DLE.’ Just being honest to our fans.

— Minnie

And Yuqi added that they try to encourage their fans to live similarly, not wanting anyone to be held back by societal expectations.

We think that there are no rules in this society, in any parts or in any ways. We just want to tell people to do what they want, because there’s no rules in this world.

— Yuqi

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Source: GRAMMY


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