“Korean Englishman” YouTuber Admits He’s “Never Seen” Someone With GOT7 BamBam’s Personality Before

Josh talked about BamBam’s personality on and off camera.

GOT7‘s BamBam continually impresses his fans with his genuine personality. Whether he’s directly comforting fans after a canceled event…

Thanking a dedicated fan account for all their hard work and effort…

Or even jokingly teasing his members, showing just how close their friendship is, BamBam is consistently praised for his work ethic, kindness, and sincerity.

Recently, BamBam filmed a few videos with the popular YouTube channel Korean Englishman. In the video for his YouTube channel, BamBam took Josh and Ollie to a restaurant recommended by one of his fans.

GOT7’s BamBam | BamBam/YouTube 

The video was relaxed, showing the three enjoying the food as they talked about everything from BamBam’s cats to Josh and Ollie’s marriages.

| BamBam/YouTube 

BamBam, of course, proved to be an excellent host in the episode, genuinely showing interest in what Josh and Ollie had to say and making sure they felt comfortable.

| BamBam/YouTube 

After they had finished their meal, BamBam thanked Josh and Ollie for appearing on his channel and even suggested that they film more content in the future.

| BamBam/YouTube 

And BamBam quickly clarified that they were allowed to “say no” if they didn’t have the time or desire, proving just how considerate he is.

| BamBam/YouTube 

But Josh suggested that they make a group chat together, so it would be even easier to create a new collaboration in the future.

| BamBam/YouTube 

And right before they ended the video, Josh gave his true thoughts about BamBam’s personality. Explaining that not only is BamBam “so humble…”

| BamBam/YouTube 

But the idol is exactly the same in real life as he is on the screen, which he has never seen before.

| BamBam/YouTube 

Although Ahgase wouldn’t be surprised to know that BamBam is just as kind and funny off camera, they definitely can feel proud of their idol.

You can read more about their recent videos together here.

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