Gugudan’s Mina Slams Netizen’s Criticism of Women in Recent Instagram Q&A

Fans have divided opinions on her response.

Gugudan‘s Mina recently held a Q&A session through her Instagram Story, and when a netizen made a comment about women in general, Mina didn’t hold back.

In her Q&A session, Mina received various questions from fans and took the time to answer each of them in a sincere manner.

But one fan made a remark that Mina didn’t like.

It’s not good. Women sleep way too late, hahaha

– Fan

And she didn’t hold back in her response.

If you have time to leave questions like this, you should try to read one more line in a book.

– Mina

As soon as the response was revealed on Mina’s Instagram Story, some fans weren’t sure if she crossed the line.

She kind of overreacted.

Did she have to answer it in that way?


But others came to Mina’s defense, claiming that such “sexist statements” need to be called out.

You have to slam remarks that discriminate against women.

That was such a refreshing response.

– Fans

Ahead of this episode, Mina told off a fan who expressed their opinion that skinny people look better.

Gugudan’s Mina Snaps at a Fan Who Thinks Being Skinny Is Best

Whether her reaction was called for or not, one thing’s for sure.

Mina doesn’t let anyone push her around.

Source: Dispatch