Han Seo Hee Under Fire For Hanging Out With gugudan’s Nayoung and Hana

“What kind of psycho is she?”

Recently, photos of Han Seo Hee hanging out with gugudan members Nayoung and Hana have caught the eyes of netizens.

She also posted an Instagram story with them. Though their faces aren’t seen, fans were quick to notice these were in fact the gugudan members due to their clothes.

Netizens are upset that Han Seo Hee would post images with her idol friends, knowing that it could harm their careers.

  • “What kind of psycho is she? I don’t care about them being friends, but why would you upload a picture of your idol friends knowing that you could affect their career? But I guess that’s what you deserve for hanging out with her.”
  • “Han Seo Hee is such a traitor.”
  • “If she really cared about her friends, she wouldn’t have uploaded this.”

Some netizens also defended the girls of gugudan.

  • “Funny how female idols have scandals for hanging out with their friends, but male idols can be doing drugs out in the open and get defended.”

Han Seo Hee gained infamy in 2017 for being involved in BIGBANG’s T.O.P. marijuana scandal. She has been involved in numerous scandals and has been confessed to being obsessed with attention. She has previously falsely accused a man of rape.

Many wonder how the girls of gugudan are even friends with someone like Han Seo Hee. Seo Hee was a trainee under Jellyfish Entertainment in 2016, the same company gugudan is under. It is possible they met when they were trainees and maintained a friendship despite the scandals.