“Hidden Camera PTSD?”: Fans Belatedly Notice One Creepy Detail From ENHYPEN’s “I-LAND” Survival Show

A little too “Big Brother” for us.

I-LAND was one of the most highly voted-for reality survival programs. Much of its success was attributed not only to the HYBE name but also to the fact that fans were allowed to watch the boys’ growth throughout the entire show. Not a single moment was missed. But how this was achieved may shock you.

While obvious cameras were set up to film the trainees, there were many hidden cameras to monitor the boys without making it look too intrusive. Viewers were supposed to feel like they were naturally immersed in the show, and too many cameras would spoil the look of the dorm. Fans caught on when trainees were caught in the background frequently, staring into random walls and mirrors.


There were hidden cameras behind two-way mirrors. To the regular eye, it looked like a mirror. But those behind the mirror could see whatever was on the other side without being seen. Cameramen were also hidden behind these mirrors and walls to operate the equipment. It was hilarious when the trainees tried to catch a glimpse of them.


Seeing how the trainees so openly tried to get an eyeful of the camera set-up, it is likely that the hidden cameras were not a secret to them. On the other hand, even the bedrooms were set up so that small glass panels would allow the filming crew to peek into each room from a corridor.


All the cameras were shown in a control room, where the director could sit and watch.


Prepping scenes were filmed through the mirrors.


The result was all a little too close to Big Brother for comfort. The judges and main producer, Bang Si Hyuk, sat in the control room. It was used to monitor the process and progress of each trainee.

Perhaps some of the ENHYPEN boys got PTSD from I-LAND, for the moment they got to their new practice rooms in HYBE, Jake checked the mirrors.

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Ah f*ck I just thought of this. They were exploring the practice rooms in the new office building and they were talking about cameras so Jake was like, “is there a camera in the mirror? Isn’t it in here like in I-LAND?” as he peered deep into the mirror. I think he must’ve felt creeped out. I would’ve too.

— Jake

The lengths they had to go through just to debut!

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