K-Drama “Crash Landing On You” Climbs The List of US’s Top 10 Most Watched Netflix Shows

Another South Korean title made it on the same list too.

According to “The 10 Most-Watched Shows & Movies on Netflix During Social Isolation” list on Observer, based on the data provided by Reelgood, the heartthrob K-Drama Crash Landing On You has ranked #6 — following big titles like EliteStranger Things, and Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.

While the survey took place March 21 to March 27, 2020, which is over a month past the Korean series’s final episode in February 2020, Crash Landing On You proved to be still popular among Netflix users in the United States.

This romantic series from tvN, featuring the story of a South Korean chaebol woman falling in love with a North Korean soldier, received a record-breaking 21.7% in viewer ratings as it wrapped up the single season.

Viewers believe the globally remarkable stats have been possible because Crash Landing On You offered everything, from the plot to the visual. Plus, throughout the series, actor Hyun Bin and actress Son Ye Jin boasted an incredible chemistry that led the series to be even more attention-grabbing and binge-worthy.

  • “You wouldn’t believe how hot this is in the states right now. I’m a Korean in the US and everyone has been locked down at home for two months because of the coronavirus. I guess that meant everyone has been watching Netflix. My coworkers of all ethnicities are raving about Hyun Bin every day. I’m telling you, my non-Korean speaking co-workers are trying to sell Hyun Bin dramas to me.”
  • “The story is fun, I have to admit. And I also think everyone in the cast fit and portrayed their roles so well. It’s not hard to see why it became such a hit series.”
  • “Oh, this reminds me of the time… This waitress at a restaurant I visited in Saipan started talking to me about Crash Landing On You, LOL.
  • “I’m kind of amused by the fact that it’s popular in the United States though. How are the American viewers understanding the South vs. North theme? How are they handling the dialectic differences? I guess a good love story winning against all odds is a selling point in every culture.”
  • “Only South Koreans could come up with a plot like this involving North Korea, so it’s unique. Maybe that’s why it’s a hit outside Korea.”

Another K-Drama series, Kingdom starring actor Ju Ji Hoon, also made it on the same list at #9. Observer commented that the platform’s investment in international titles, fueled by the need to attract new subscribers, is noteworthy. Could this mean Netflix users can look forward to more K-Drama hits to be featured? Many remain hopeful.

What’s also interesting to note is Netflix’s growing international profile: Crash Landing on You, Kingdom and The Platform are all South Korean originals. Data reveals that Netflix has been seeing a surge in new sign-ups in overseas areas affected by the coronavirus. More generally speaking, it is believed that while Netflix may have hit its saturation point here in the U.S., its unrivaled investment in international areas over the last several years will keep attracting new subscribers.

— Observer

Here’s the full list:

Source: Observer and THEQOO
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