KARD Once Expressed Wanting To Be Like BTS…Here’s A Look At Them Now

They shared their admiration for BTS’s achievements and popularity.

Back in 2018, KARD participated in an interview with Seoul Shinmun News. At the time, the group, which had debuted two years prior, discussed BTS‘s achievements and their ever-growing popularity.

KARD in 2016 | Source: DSP Media

The co-ed group, a rare sight in K-Pop, expressed admiration for BTS and revealed that the 7-member group inspired them to set their goals high. Leader BM said, “We still have a long way to go before we’re a respected group like BTS, but our goal is to be as loved as they are.

WILD KARD 2017 Tour Promotional Image

Two years after their interview, is KARD as loved as BTS is? Signs point to “YES!”

While they don’t quite have the same level of popularity as BTS does in Korea, they are undoubtedly loved by fans around the world. Their popularity is especially strong in Latin America and Southeast Asian countries.

Their fandom, known as Hidden KARD, is passionate and loyal. They diligently make sure that KARD’s music isn’t plagiarized, anxiously await each comeback and they do their best to make sure each comeback is a hit.

And, it’s pretty safe to say that Somin’s wish came true. She previously said, “Whenever we release an album, I want a lot of people to say that KARD is in a league of our own.” With their sick beats and unique concepts, KARD is, without a doubt, in a league of their own.

So, did KARD meet their goal of becoming like BTS? In their own way, we’d like to say yes.

Be sure to check out the MV for their most recent comeback “Red Moon” below:

Source: Koreaboo and Seoul Shinmun News