A Korean Living Overseas Explains Why BTS Is So Popular Amongst American Parents

The reason is very wholesome.

BTS is universally famous and popular, but they have been especially gaining attention amongst American parents! A Korean currently living in the States explained why on his personal social media. The post soon went viral in Korea as many agreed with his statement. Read on to find out why!

Now, in the States, most teens (and their parents!) would be used to this sort of music…

…so it was a pleasant surprise when they were introduced to the sweet and more innocent lyrics that BTS sings.

According to the OP, Kim Dae Ho, the American parents were sick of their children listening to the rated lyrics atypical to American songs and welcomed the cheerful, hope-giving lyrics BTS has.

| theqoo

The reason why BTS is especially popular amongst American parents is because amongst the provocative lyrics such as “Wet me“, “Take me tonight“, “Gun to my head” and such that teens listen to daily, there are 7 Asian men who appeared and are suddenly becoming mainstream amongst American teens with lyrics like “Shoes on, get up in the morn‘” and “Cup of milk, let’s rock and roll” that’s basically like summer praise songs in church. And they are stealing the hearts of the teens. To them, it’s like these men from a country in the East are appearing like a miracle and saving the children from a degenerating world.

— Kim Dae Ho

Well, we can only agree! Rather than lyrics such as “that’s a WAP,” we’d rather the next generation listen to BTS’s meaningful and uplifting lyrics too.

Source: theqoo