A Korean Shaman Accurately Predicted EXO Chen’s Love Horoscope Last Year

The video was uploaded in June 2019.

In light of the recent news that EXO‘s Chen will be marrying his non-celebrity girlfriend who is currently pregnant with their baby, a Korean shaman who accurately predicted his love horoscope in 2019 resurfaced online.

In June 2019, a Korean shaman predicted that Chen was seeing someone at the moment and that something would happen in the fall of the same year.

I sense that there’s a fling going on with him right now. I think something will happen in the fall of this year.

– Shaman

She also predicted that that woman wouldn’t be a celebrity and that a marriage announcement was to come in the next 2 to 3 years.

I have a feeling the woman won’t be a celebrity, but someone who is somewhat involved in the entertainment industry such as a writer.

– Shaman

What is especially fascinating fans is the shaman’s prediction of how old the woman will be.

Rather thans someone who is younger or the same age, I see a higher probability that Chen will be with a woman who is older than him.

– Shaman

Fans who just discovered this footage are responding with comments such as “Seeing this now gives me goosebumps”, “This video is now a sacred place to make wishes“, and “That’s crazy“.

Check out the full video below:

Source: Insight

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