Former K-Pop Idol Spills On Idols Meeting And Dating During Music Shows

“I’ve heard that many do while filming “ISAC.'”

In the past, K-Pop idols have talked about how idols are able to date while trying to keep any relationships private, a consequence of the “dating taboo culture” for K-Pop idols. When talking about past experiences, sometimes it’s an idol admitting to hiding their girlfriend in a suitcase, or sometimes a K-Pop lyricist admitting to being used as an excuse for idols to go on dates.

K-Pop lyricist and travel writer Gina Maeng talking about idols dating 

Many former idols have admitted that the Idol Star Athletic Championships (ISAC) is a well-known place where idols might interact and start dating.

Unrelated picture of idols at the “Idol Star Athletic Championships”

But how about K-Pop music shows?

Actress Jang Mi | HEYDAY/YouTube  

Actress Jang Mi told all about how idols interact during music shows. Before becoming an actress, Jang Mi was a professional dancer who danced alongside idols during their stages.

Jang Mi dancing with T-ARA | HEYDAY/YouTube 

She even shared that dancers often sit in the hallway during weekly music shows since they aren’t given waiting rooms.

| HEYDAY/YouTube  

And Jang Mi has also experienced the idol side of performing on music shows, as she was a member of the K-Pop group Lime Soda.

Jang Mi in Lime Soda
| HEYDAY/YouTube  

But when it comes to idols’ dating lives, Jang Mi admits that while ISAC is well-known for a reason…

| HEYDAY/YouTube  

Music shows aren’t the same. Because idols mostly keep to their designated areas, it isn’t easy to interact with other idols…

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Unless they’re busy filming content for YouTube or TikTok.

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And even if idols do get to interact, they’re surrounded by other people.

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According to Jang Mi, the only time idols would be able to interact is when they’re greeting each other.

| HEYDAY/YouTube  

But since “everyone was very careful about it,” it would be rare for idols to start dating after meeting during a music show.

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