The Creepy Way Sasaengs Stalk K-Pop Idols At Hotels—Exposed By Former Staff

“She was waiting for me…”

Sasaengs go so far over the line that they don’t think twice about interrupting K-Pop idols’ live broadcasts or attacking trainees just for working with idols. Another thing sasaengs often do is stalk idols at their hotels, like breaking into 2PM‘s Taecyeon‘s room or leaving gifts at SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi‘s room. So a former staff member recalled just how scary it gets.

2PM’s Taecyeon.

Though former K-Pop translator Jin Ho Bae couldn’t remember which idol he’d been hired to work for at the time, he recalled they were staying at a hotel near the event for convenience.

For the artists’ safety, Jin Ho Bae reminded everyone, “The hotel will not disclose which floor they are on…they can’t tell.” That didn’t stop one particular sasaeng, though.

Jin Ho Bae remembered seeing a “foreigner” of “Japanese or Chinese” ethnicity. They were dressed “very K-Pop” and stuck out because of the stickers they had. What really caught his attention was their actions.

Because the hotel required key cards to access the elevator, the sasaeng purchased a room. She then followed Jin Ho Bae into the elevator to figure out which floor the artist was staying on—since her key card didn’t have access to that floor. Realizing what they were doing and becoming angry, Jin Ho Bae said, “I waited for her to tap [her key card] first.

After the sasaeng got off the elevator, Jin Ho Bae then felt safe to scan his key card and head to the floor where the artist was staying. When he had to return to the venue, though, the same sasaeng was waiting and realized he was the translator.

Since sasaengs are unpredictable, Jin Ho Bae looked back on how creepy the moment actually was.

During the time, I was so tired. There was no time for me to think if this was scary or not.

But when I think about it now, creepy! She’s waiting for me to tap the card!

— Jin Ho Bae

Fortunately, Jin Ho Bae wasn’t harmed and did his best to protect the artist from the sasaeng. However, it’s unfortunate that sasaengs will use any means necessary to stalk idols, including stalking their staff.

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