LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Admits She Struggled To Get Close To Her Members—Here’s How Everything Changed

“I was worried.”

In a group interview following the release of “ANTIFRAGILE,” LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae opened up about what it was like to be the last member to join the group and how it felt to meet the others.


According to the maknae, she was added to the group when the other members were already familiar with the songs and choreographies. Seeing their performances made her feel worried and pressured to do it just as well as them.

The other members already knew the songs and the dances and I came in the middle, so that worked as a pressure for me to do well and I was worried.

— Eunchae

But that wasn’t the only difficult part. Eunchae struggled to get close to her members because of the differences in their ages. Not only was she the youngest, she was also naturally shy.

Also the members are all older than me, so I was kind of shy and it was difficult at first for me to become close with them.

— Eunchae

Thankfully, that’s now all a thing of the past! They started getting close after working together day and night. Their many recording sessions, dance practices, and group meetings bonded them quickly.

In fact, according to Yunjin, the members may have been added “abruptly” but they were destined to be together. She romantically said they were just waiting for each other. And it must be true because LE SSERAFIM is always being praised for their close relationship!

Even though it can be seen as very abrupt, the way that we came together, I’d like to think that we were all kind of waiting for each other. That’s how I feel.

— Yunjin

In a separate interview, Eunchae and her members answered honestly when asked if they make their friends pay for the group’s albums. Check out their answer below.

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Source: People


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