Lizzo Wanted To Try Living BTS Jimin’s Life, So ARMYs Gave Her A Taste

Her reaction was the most adorable.

On December 6, 2019, The Forum in Inglewood, CA welcomed some the hottest artists for KIIS FM’s 2019 Jingle Ball fiesta — including Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and of course, BTS.


When it came her turn to perform some of her boppiest bops of 2019, Lizzo casually dropped BTS Jimin‘s name…

Can you pretend I’m Jimin from BTS for a second?

— Lizzo


… and the unexpecting ARMYs in the house went wild for it. Lizzo had the time of her life listening to the crowd screaming their hearts out for her!

Wow! So that’s how the other side lives!

— Lizzo


This isn’t the first time Lizzo got hyped about BTS. Her past Instagram post already paved some way for a potential Lizzo x BTS to come in the future:


With Lizzo constantly fan-girling over BTS, ARMYs look forward to more interactions between the two superstars. After all, awesome plus awesome is more awesome — so Lizzo plus BTS would most definitely be lit AF!


Check out the very first time Lizzo discovered BTS:

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