Lovelyz’s Jisoo Begs Fans to Stop Fighting at Her Concerts in a Live Broadcast

Jisoo wants fans to stop fighting and focus on the concert.

Lovelyz‘s Jisoo recently criticized fans that fight at her concerts in a live broadcast.



When a fan mentioned the fans that hinder Lovelyz’s concerts by fighting, Jisoo agreed that it needs to stop.

You’re right. Seriously. Stop fighting at our concerts. Why do you keep fighting? I can see you all from the stage. Don’t fight. Just focus on watching us.

– Jisoo

She continued to stress that despite what other fans are doing, they should mind their own business and enjoy the show.

I just want you to watch us without worrying about who’s being a problem. Fans that take photos are a problem, but instead of fighting to get them to stop, just leave it to the security guards. I just want our fans to focus on watching us.

– Jisoo

Jisoo then pleaded for her fans to mind their fan etiquette by explaining how hard they train to put on great performances for their fans.

We practiced a lot to give you good performances, and we’re always working hard to be better. Please watch us without missing a single second of it. We’ll work harder to give you better and better performances.

– Jisoo

Click here to watch the full broadcast.

Source: Dispatch


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