MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Secret To Making Food Taste Better Will Change Your Life

Siri, remind me to order these items.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is a bonafide foodie. A genuine mukbang queen who makes food sell out simply by eating it, Hwasa wields a lot of power. In fact, she’s even won awards and received praise for promoting Korean food on television!

During an episode of I Live Alone, the mukbang queen was happily enjoying her diet meal (which looked incredibly tasty despite being good for you), when she shared her secret to enjoying food — eating off pretty plates.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

I have to eat with pretty plates.


Everyone was quick to agree that food is more delicious off pretty plates.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Hwasa’s food definitely looked incredible, although we’re not sure whether that’s due to the way she eats or the plating, however, there is in fact psychology that proves the way food is plated can enhance (or detract) from the dining experience.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

It makes total sense that Hwasa wants her food presentation to be enjoyable to look at, after all, she eats five meals a day!

Watch the whole clip below: