MAMAMOO’s Solar Picks Her Ideal Type Of Man

Who is her #1 choice?

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently revealed the movie and K-Drama characters who fit her ideal type of man the most.

During an “Ideal Type World Cup,” she chose between the male lead characters according to her taste.

Some answers took her a lot of thought, like choosing Parasite’s Ki Woo over Ma Seok Do of The Outlaws.

However, some answers came instantly to her like her choice of Temperature of Love‘s On Jung Seon over Park Soo Ha of I Can Hear Your Voice.

A choice like this is a good kind of stress!

She didn’t hold back her fangirl side by quoting her favorite scenes…

…and ultimately chose Gyeon Woo of My Sassy Girl!

Check out all of her choices for her ideal type below.

Idols x Ideals