Meet Zhang Hao: Top “Boys Planet” Participant And ZEROBASEONE Center

He’s the first non-Korean to win first place on an Mnet survival show.

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Over the last few months, fans have grown attached to their favorite Boys Planet participants, voting and supporting them, hoping they will debut in the final nine-membered group. It was announced that the final team would be called ZEROBASEONE, and its line-up was revealed during the show’s last episode!

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For many fans, the competition for the number one spot would be between Sung Hanbin, who previously ranked number one across most of the season, and Zhang Hao, who also ranked high throughout the episodes. During the finale, it was revealed that Zhang Hao placed first, while Sung Hanbin was a close second.

Zhang Hao

Zhang Hao is a 22-year-old trainee under Yuehua Entertainment, born in Fujian, China, training for a year and three months before joining Boys Planet. The star attended Fujian Normal University, majoring in Music Science Education, and has his teaching certification.

Before this, Zhang Hao was admitted to the China University of Geosciences but gave up the offer to pursue his passion for music.

Zhang Hao predebut | Weibo

He plays the violin, something he exhibited during his audition video, performing a cover of BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” on the instrument. Zhang Hao can also play the viola, piano, cello, flute, and erhu.

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According to the star, he fell in love with K-Pop in high school and is a fan of many JYP Entertainment artists, especially GOT7, who he has called his role models.

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Before Boys Planet, Zhang Hao worked on his dancing skills throughout college, appearing in dance videos with 1MILLION before his participation in the survival show was announced. Fans especially loved his wacking clips, calling him a “main slayer.

In addition to his skills, fans also fell for his personality. When the show first began airing, viewers discovered his old social media pages, finding posts where he talked about same-sex marriages negatively to show support for same-sex relationships.

Haha~~ I can’t ever accept opposite-sex marriages…so gross…why would opposite-sex marriage ever exist in the world! Being together when you’re not the same sex, that’s so hardcore!! I can’t understand it.

— Zhang Hao

During the show, Zhang Hao remained in the top nine through all the eliminations and rankings, starting at the seventh place before ending at number one in the finale. This was a huge accomplishment because he ranked first and was the first non-Korean to do so during any Mnet survival show!

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