MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Helps A Family Restaurant Increase Sales, Thanks To Monbebes

He even called the restaurant owner!

It all started when a Monbebe decided to order some delivery food of gopchang to help her through a rough day. She left a great review on the delivery app for the restaurant, Hyuk’s Makchang, under the username, “MONSTA X Minhyuk‘s Fan“. The friendly restaurant owner replied to her review.

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Hello, Ms MONSTA X Minhyuk’s Fan, this is Hyuk! I only got to this review that I’m so grateful for and proud of, now. Although I’m not sure why you were upset that day, I hope that after that day and from now on, you will be happy. We are all so proud and thankful that you gained strength after eating from Hyuk’s Makchang. We will work as hard as “BEASTMODE” in order to bring greaterstrength to our customers and to solve your dilemmas for you. Thank you. P.S MONSTA X, blow up

— Hyuk’s Makchang

The very same Monbebe was so grateful, she sent in the story to Minhyuk during his appearance on Naver Now‘s radio.

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Minhyuk decided to call Hyuk’s Makchang himself after reading the story. He first carefully asked if they were good to do a phone call, then revealed that he was Minhyuk himself! The kind star helped the restaurant to promote their business as part of the radio show’s corner to help small businesses grow during the pandemic.

True enough, after the show ended, the restaurant owner uploaded another post to the delivery app and announced that as they ran out of ingredients the night before, that day’s opening was delayed. He also thanked MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, as well as BTOB’s Minhyuk who was on the radio show, and of course, the Monbebe who started it all!

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Hyuk’s requested for “MONSTA X Minhyuk’s Fan” to contact the store! He even wittily added the hashtag, #HyukHelpsHyuk! Fans who ordered from the store received free cola with their meals. What caught the eye of fans was that originally the sticker read “Hyuk’s treats you to some freebies”, but the owner had personally used a marker to pen in a “Min” before the “Hyuk”.

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What a heartwarming incident! Celebrities have been using their influence to help small business owners from going under during rough times. Check out how EXO‘s Baekhyun helped a burger shop blow up!

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