NCT Have The Perfect Casting Suggestion For “Single’s Inferno” Season 3

“He would be everyone’s favorite man.”

Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno has been a hit with both its debut and second season. The K-Drama-like Korean dating show has viewers invested in every episode as they watch single men and women try to find their perfect match while on an island (Inferno).

Single’s Inferno 2 poster | Netflix

Both seasons of the show have featured some high-profile contestants, including a former K-Pop idol, a social media influencer, and a famous dancer in season one.

Contestant Kang Soyeon in K-Pop group WE | Stone Music Entertainment

Contestant Cha Hyun Seung and K-Pop idol Sunmi | @502bright/ Instagram

Single’s Inferno 2 also showcased a pretty well-known cast, including a former Miss Korea and other beauty pageant contestants, two actresses that have appeared on Netflix, and a few YouTubers.

With the show having achieved immense global popularity, it’s no surprise that even K-Pop idols would have seen the entertaining dating show. And in a recent live broadcast, NCT 127‘s Jungwoo shared that he watches Single’s Inferno.

As soon as Jungwoo mentioned Single’s Inferno, the rest of NCT 127 chimed in, jokingly suggesting that one of their members should be cast in an upcoming season.

Yuta and Doyoung believe that Johnny would be a perfect fit for the show.

And, unsurprisingly, NCTzens were able to find the perfect clip to show just how perfectly Johnny would suit the show (and also proving their great sense of humor). Can’t you see him strolling on the beach while the other contestants stare in awe?

Plus there’s no denying that Johnny would be the ideal contestant since he’s attractive, funny, talented, and incredibly kind.

Although, admittedly, there could be a downside to him appearing on the show.

And while Johnny might be perfect for Single’s Inferno, the members also noted that Taeil could suit the reality show Transit Love.

Jokes aside, although it is unlikely that such a popular idol would appear on the dating show, it’s not impossible given former idol Kang Soyeon‘s appearance in season one.

But for now, especially sinceย Single’s Infernoย hasn’t even been confirmed for a third season yet, fans can instead look forward to upcoming dating shows, like Romance Before Debut.

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