NCT’s Jaemin And Doyoung Had The Most Hilarious Responses To Jeno’s Sexy “Vogue World” Look

Jaemin’s response is so him!

NCT‘s Jeno is currently in New York to open designer Peter Do‘s fashion show at New York Fashion Week. While in the city, he also made an appearance at Vogue World, a celebration of Vogue magazine’s 130th anniversary!

NCT’s Jeno | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Jeno’s stunning visuals predictably went viral and he was the talk of the event as he took photos with many different celebrities including actors Sabrina Carpenter and Jared Leto!

| @nct/Instagram

| @nct/Instagram

Fans also went wild for the sexy look Jeno wore that exposed his chest and stomach. The NCT member shared plenty of photos of himself in different poses on the group’s official account!

| @nct/Instagram

| @nct/Instagram

While fans were raving over his super sexy look, NCT‘s Jaemin and Doyoung had some of their own thoughts about the outfit!

After Jeno shared a set of photos to his brand new Instagram account, Doyoung was one of the first to leave a comment.

Jeno: You guys were very startled, right?

Doyoung: Hyung is still against it 😢

Doyoung has previously shared that he sees Jeno as his favorite little brother and has been there through the years as Jeno grew up, so it’s easy to see why Doyoung would have some strong feelings!

While Doyoung shared his thoughts directly on Instagram, Jaemin took to Dear U Bubble to comment on Jeno’s outfit to fans.

Our Jeno baby went New York totally naked.

— Jaemin on Bubble

Fans found his message hilarious and can only imagine the reaction he must have had to seeing Jeno dressed up the way that he was!

Check out more gorgeous and unedited fan photos of Jeno from Vogue World below:

NCT’s Jeno Goes Viral For His Flawless Visuals In Unedited Fan Pictures And Videos Of “Vogue World” Event At New York Fashion Week