NCTzens Call For Action Against Sasaengs After Recent Controversy

NCTzens have had enough.

In light of the recent controversy of NCT‘s Jungwoo smoking cigarettes, NCTzens are calling for action against the many sasaengs that NCT has been facing since before debut. A sasaeng is an obsessive fan who stalks, or engages in other behaviors invading the privacy of a Korean idol or other public figure. The recent photos of Jungwoo smoking behind a building had supposedly been taken by alleged sasaengs MIMH and FTTM, sparking a conversation of respecting idols’ privacy.

Fans are urging others to help in the fight to keep SM Entertainment artists safe by notifying the company and reporting alleged sasaeng Twitter accounts.. Some have even made it easy and have drafted emails in Korean for fans to send.

Although it is indeed a health concern, NCTzens are telling people to “grow up” and look at the bigger issues regarding the boys’ safety. Fans fear for the group’s mental health, wellbeing, and reputation.

This is not NCT’s first problem with sasaengs however, as they have been dealing with them for what seems like forever. Just earlier this year, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun vented about the sasaengs.

They wait in front of NCT’s house all night long until morning.


This sparked concern as it seemed extremely serious if another SM Entertainment idol addressed it.

Before Kyuhyun, Haechan and Taeyong discussed sasaengs on a live broadcast on June 6 and Jaemin and Renjun addressed it on two separate lives.

Whatever way in which you give us love, we will be thankful. But there are people in front of our dorm building. Not just for the nine of us, but the NCT Dream dorm as well. We are so stressed about this and to be honest, it gives us a hard time. I know that you will still come even if I address this – we have directly requested you not to so many times. ‘It’s okay for us to be uncomfortable’ – this phrase is such a weird one right? In a space meant for rest, we want to be able to do so and eat and play amongst ourselves. Despite this, you make us uncomfortable and have a hard time. We know that you do this because you like us but no actually, if you like us, I can’t understand this even more.


NCTzens hope that if the scandal is going to gain traction, that at least the sasaeng issue gets addressed.


Source: @fy-nct