Does Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” Dating Series Have A Misogyny Problem?

Fans are calling out double standards, toxic behavior, and more.

Netizens recently called out the shockingly different comments that male and female Single’s Inferno 3 cast members are receiving on social media. This isn’t the first time, however, that the fandom has come under fire.

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Single Inferno 2 viewers didn’t hesitate to dub Shin Dong Woounworthy” of fan-favorite Lee Nadine. Nor did they hold back in criticizing Jo Yoong Jae for teaming up against Choi Jong Woo or calling out Lim Min Su for “shady behavior” toward Nadine.

Season two’s Shin Dong Woo and Nadine | Netflix
Season 2’s Joo Yoong Jae | Netflix
Season 2’s Lim Min Su | Netflix

But some viewers claim there’s a pattern of misogyny in the criticism given to popular female contestants each season, such as Season 1’s Song Ji A (also known as Free Zia) and season two’s Shin Seul Ki.

Song Ji A was clearly the most popular contestant among the male contestants on the island.

In the season one finale, Song Ji A was chosen by three male contestants | Netflix

And while Ji A did receive support from many viewers who loved her honest, cool attitude and elegant visuals…

| Netflix

…there were also viewers who found her unsympathetic. One YouTuber explained that for French viewers of the show, contestants like An Yea Won and Kang So Yeon were extremely popular for their personalities.

| Frenchhotteok/YouTube

These two [Yea Won and So Yeon] were the most liked contestants by probably 90% of the population.


In stark contrast, they “did not like Ji A at all.” Many attributed Ji A’s popularity to “pretty privilege” and didn’t think she had “a good personality or any charm.”

| Frenchhotteok/YouTube

Ji A controls people with her pretty visuals. She doesn’t really have a good personality or any charm, but three of the male contestants followed her around like puppies. She has pretty privilege.

— Unknown French Twitter user

Like Ji A, Seul Ki was one of the most popular contestants among male contestants on Single’s Inferno 2. Kim Jin Young, Choi Jong Woo, and Shin Dong Woo were all actively interested in pursuing her, while Seul Ki seemed torn between the first two.

Season two’s Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

Some viewers claimed Seul Ki’s scenes were predictable and “boring,” often calling her a “pick-me girl” for her actions toward the male contestants…

…but other viewers believe such comments are a result of misogyny. One Reddit user pointed out that Seul Ki received criticism for “[leading] men on” but Yoong Jae did the same thing to Lee So E. Yet, at the time, viewers largely didn’t seem to dislike Yoong Jae.

Young Jae legitimately seems like a kind guy, but his fear of rejecting So-e was so frustrating. He kept saying how he was curious about her and that he wants to get to know everyone, So-e had to reject herself to not make the situation awkward. He kept leading her on, although So-e was at fault too for not taking the hint, and barely anyone acknowledges that. The excuses people say to justify the hate on Seul-ki is that she “leads men on”…..

— Reddit @user905022

Similarly, the user mentioned that while Seul Ki was criticized for being popular with the contestants, Season 2’s Jin Young, who was undoubtedly the most popular contestant among female contestants, received more hype than criticism.

Everyone is thirsting over Jin Young and he was entertaining most of the women, Seul-ki, Nadine, Minsu until he rejected her. He never paid attention to Seul-ki again and gets mad when she finds someone else that she wants to spend time with. He is interested in Nadine and Seul-ki at the same time yet everyone gives only Seul-ki sh*t for it. Its a damn dating show, any one can talk to anyone as they please including Jinyoung and Seul-ki but I find it so unfair that its only the women getting degraded. Getting called a “Pick-Me”, a “Try-Hard”, “annoying”, “fake” and for what?

— Reddit @user905022

The Reddit user also specifically pointed to an instance where Dong Woo “was rude to Jin Young.” During Season 2 Episode 8, Jung Woo and Dong Woo were talking about how whichever of them didn’t get the chance to take Seul Ki to Paradise should get an opportunity to speak to her on the island.

Dong Woo: Then if one of us ends up going… before leaving for Paradise, why don’t we give the person staying a chance to talk to Seul Ki?

Jong Woo: That sounds great.

But while they were talking, Jin Young, who was also interested in Seul Ki, admitted that he didn’t hear them. Dong Woo simply replied, “That’s okay,” not bothering to inform Jin Young despite being aware (or, more likely, because he was aware) that Jin Young would want to talk to Seul Ki too.

Jin Young: Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.

Dong Woo: That’s okay.

Season two’s Kim Jin Young | Netflix

The Reddit user alleged that if Seul Ki had made a similar “That’s okay” comment to a female contestant interested in the same person as her, she would have received immense backlash.

On top of that, he was rude to Jin Young saying “you don’t need to know”. I just KNOW that if Seul-ki said that to another girl, you guys would all be ripping her apart calling her a b*tch but since it was Dong Woo it “doesn’t matter”.

— Reddit @user905022

One Reddit user realized they had initially been unfair in their view of So E since they had previously “thought So E made a mistake for only focusing on one person.” While criticizing So E, they had also “defended [Jong Woo] sticking to only Seul Ki.

Many other comments agreed with the user’s criticism of some viewers, pointing out that “people are way too hard on people on this show in general.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: Reddit

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