NMIXX Describes Their Training Method To Sing And Dance At The Same Time, And It’s Intense

It’s why their live performances are always impressive!

It isn’t easy to be a K-Pop idol. Not only do they typically train for several years, they are also expected to be proficient at many skills. To top it all off, they have to do the challenging task of singing and dancing at the same time!

Rookie group NMIXX, for example, is known for their insane live vocals while executing difficult choreographies.

NMIXX performing “O.O.”

They recently guested on KBS‘s “IDOL’S Snack Spree” and shared the training method that they use to stabilize their vocals.

When asked how they practice singing live, leader Haewon explained that they simply sing while dancing. There’s a difference in the way they breathe when they’re only singing, so they always practice both skills simultaneously.

Singing while dancing is the best practice because taking a breath when we sing is different.

— Haewon

Agreeing, Bae added that another training method that they do is to walk like a duck or to run while belting out their vocals. After training like this for several years, she can now confidently say that her vocals became much more stable.

[We also] play some music and sing while doing the duck walk or while running. Before doing this, my voice trembled a lot, but now, my skills became better I think.

— Bae

It can’t be easy to do a strenuous activity like running while also focusing on singing, but the members’ skills prove that it pays off!

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