Photos of HIGHLIGHT’s Doojoon In The Military Shows Him Happy and Healthy

We miss you, Yoon Doojoon!

Photos of HIGHLIGHT‘s Yoon Doojoon in the military have surfaced, and he looks as healthy and happy as ever!

The idol can be seen with a fresh buzz-cut and a make-up free face. Still, his skin is glowing, and the idol looks unharmed, which makes fans believe he is doing well in the military. Doojoon enlisted in the army back in August of 2018.

Doojoon is expected to be discharged by May of 2020, which means it’s only a few months until fans get to see him again! It seems Doojoon might miss the friends he made in the military, however. Look how close they all are!

Fans are now eagerly waiting for Doojoon’s discharge, and many are hoping that during his remaining time in the base, he will remain happy and healthy.

Source: Pann


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