5 Reasons Why ENGENE Are So Protective Of ENHYPEN

The bond between ENGENE and ENHYPEN is everything.

Since their debut, ENHYPEN have dominated the music world with their talents.  Between now and then, many moments have shown how important ENGENE are to the group, and vice versa, making fans very protective of them.

Here are five of those moments.

1. Survival Show Beginnings

ENHYPEN debuted in 2020 following the survival competition show I-LAND. Fans watched and prayed for their favorite picks to get into the group, crying along with the group’s members when they were announced to be debuting in ENHYPEN.

This shows how ENGENE has been there for every step ENHYPEN has taken!


2. First Fansign Event

When ENHYPEN held their first fan sign, conditions were less than ideal — besides being outdoors, the event was the temperature the day of the event exceeded 30C. While the group had problems with the heat, their concern was focused on the fans as they made sure to help ENGENE stay cool in any way possible!

3. Unprofessional Treatment At Airport

While the group were in the Phillippines for their MANIFESTO tour, there were many issues to be found with the behavior of the staff. First, the group were told to remove their masks when it was not needed, as the staff fangirled.

The staff were also seen giggling between pat-downs, leading fans to wonder if she was a fan who took the opportunity to abuse her position.

Other staff members were shown lined up in an area restricted to passengers.

Fans brought enough attention to the matter to get the Government to investigate what occurred officially.

4. Humble Natures

The group appeared on the YouTube channel odg to surprise students who were big fans of K-Pop idols. When staff warned them there was a chance the students wouldn’t know them because they didn’t want to spoil the surprise, ENHYPEN showed how humble they truly are.

Jay said, “There’s nothing to be sorry about [if they don’t know them]. It’s not like knowing [ENHYPEN] is mandatory education,” while Heeseung took it as a sign they should work harder.

The other members echoed these thoughts despite their massive proven popularity.

5. Bite Me Choreography

Earlier this year, ENHYPEN released “Bite Me” and were the target of protests from angry domestic fans over the choreography that included female dancers.

International ENGENE made their voices be heard to show the group that there were fans who supported them, sending counter-protest trucks with messages of support.

These are just some of the reasons ENGENE have remained strongly protective of ENHYPEN!