Ryan Reynolds’s Tumblr Page Is Basically A Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Stan Account

He’s just like us, for real.

American actor Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids‘ friendship is something truly legendary and is appreciated by all STAYs. In particular, it seems like Bang Chan and Reynolds have a special relationship that Reynolds recently took to the next level.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right). | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The Ryan Reynolds-Stray Kids relationship first began after the group’s Kingdom: Legendary War performance which was inspired by the movie Deadpool, which stars Reynolds. Since then Ryan has talked about Stray Kids at any opportunity that he gets. He has even sent Bang Chan a personal gift and invited him to a movie premiere.

Ryan Reynolds holding a gift for Bang Chan | @AviationGin/Twitter
Bang Chan holding a signed album for Ryan Reynolds | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Reynolds is a true fan and has “inadvertently” participated in STAY’s selca day by posting a photo of himself on his Instagram story that featured Stray Kids’ song “Red Lights.” Reynolds even wished Bang Chan a happy birthday from his Maximum Effort brand account, which coincidentally has its location as “stayville.”

Reynolds recently created a Tumblr account where he already has begun sharing content that is completely on-brand for the actor. Since playing the Deadpool character, Reynolds has embodied the chaotic and fun personality the superhero has.

The star’s latest post caught the attention of STAYs, however, because of its content.

Reynolds reblogged (a Tumblr exclusive feature that is similar to retweeting on Twitter) a cute photoset featuring four gifs of Bang Chan from Stray Kids’ puppy interview a few weeks ago.

What really made the post even more special was his caption of “this is my happy place,” along with the hashtag “my head just exploded this is so damn adorable and now my brains are on the floor.”

This sort of content sounds just like the many “stan” accounts on Twitter that react strongly to anything their favorite idols do, and now Ryan Reynolds is our favorite Bang Chan stan account.

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