SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Solves The Mystery Of Whose Hands Were In “Fallin’ Flower”

He finally revealed which members those oh-so-beautiful hands belonged to.

SEVENTEEN‘s latest Japanese release “Fallin’ Flower” broke records with its sales, easily overtaking their previous hit “Happy Ending” in a matter of days.

For the music video, they pulled out all the stops for its aesthetics. While there were colorful flowers everywhere to match the title, there was one scene in particular that caught everyone’s attention for turning the members into flowers themselves.

In two short but powerful scenes, two hands covered in thorns reached for each other and then intertwined. Naturally, Carats wondered which members had filmed the beautiful scene.

With thirteen members and at least six possible pairs to choose from, everyone couldn’t figure it out. On Weverse, Hoshi came to fans’ rescue and saved everyone from guessing any longer.

One of the hands used for the scenes had been his own. Since Hoshi loves to play around, many fans didn’t believe him. He posted a photo of his hand from the filming to prove it.

The other hand belonged to a member that Carats hadn’t been expecting. Along with posting a photo of the scene, Hoshi wrote, “The correct answer is Hoshi and Jeonghan.” He even pointe out which hand belonged to whom, “Left is Hoshi; right is Jeonghan.”

Since Carats had been trying to figure it out since the video’s release, SEVENTEEN were probably having a good laugh from all the wrong answers, especially Hoshi and Jeonghan. They had fans stumped.

Fortunately, Hoshi solved the mystery once and for all. Were they the members you were expecting?

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