SHINee’s Minho Finally Shares His MBTI Type — Here’s What The Results Say About His Personality

His personality type fits him so well!

After refusing to take the MBTI test for years, SHINee‘s Minho finally revealed his personality type in an episode of Yongjin Health Center.

SHINee’s Minho

During the episode, Minho initially shares why he has not wanted to take the test in the past, saying that “If I do MBTI, people would ask me what my MBTI is and classify me with that particular MBTI, so I might feel limited to myself and even think that I have to conform.

Despite his initial misgivings about the test, Minho agrees to take a shortened form of it and begins answering questions.

After concluding the test, it was decided that Minho’s MBTI personality type is ESFP! ESFPs are known for being very spontaneous and encouraging, wanting everyone to get caught up in the moment’s excitement with them. Other famous ESFPs include TWICE‘s Jihyo and Sana, Stray KidsChangbin, and NCT‘s Jaehyun.

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This type is also known as the “Entertainer” type, something that fits perfectly in Minho’s choice of career. Yongjin and Gabee bring this up, saying that he was “born to be a celebrity!

SHINee’s Key previously shared that his personality type is an ENTJ. ENTJs like Key and ESFPs like Minho both enjoy having fun together and bouncing off of each other’s energy, which can explain the “Tom & Jerry” type relationship the two have!

ESFP are also known for their excellent people skills as well, and are described as being talkative, witty, and will always have things to talk about with someone. ESFPs are all about the emotion behind things, which can explain why Minho had his original thoughts about the test!

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