Singer Gets Caught Illegally Downloading While Attempting to Expose “Nth Room” Perpetrator Cho Joo Bin

He was only trying to spread the word about the “Nth Room” and Cho Joo Bin.

Korean singer, Car, the Garden recently attempted to spread the word about the “Nth Room” perpetrator, Cho Joo Bin, when he accidentally stirred up controversy for using an illegal site for downloads.

Car, the Garden shared a screenshot of the SBS news revealing Cho Joo Bin’s identity and age, but what netizens spotted was something different.

Some netizens spotted bookmarked sites at the top of the window for two different torrent sites.

It’s been revealed that the two torrent sites are used by users to download songs and other media without paying money.

Many people use such sites to download songs, films, and shows, but it can also be punished by the law in Korea.

Despite the original intent of the post, Car, the Garden is receiving heavy criticism for making illegal downloads when he is an artist himself.

As for the matters surrounding the infamous “Nth Room”, the petition to expose all persons involved in the sexual exploitation of underage girls is still ongoing, with one of the main administrators of the group already revealed.

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Nth Room Sex Abuse Case