“Single’s Inferno 2” Detective Viewers Might Have Identified Park Se Jeong’s BTS Bias

“This is why Se Jeong is the queen of Single’s Inferno.”

As Single’s Inferno 2 has now finished airing, the contestants can share updates on their lives on social media, which has viewers excited for more information about the contestants.

Single’s Inferno 2 poster | Netflix

For instance, fans of the show were excited to see that contestant Park Se Jeong seems to have made meaningful connections in Inferno despite leaving the island alone.

Contestant Park Se Jeong | @jennonpark/Instagram

Throughout her time on the island, Se Jeong left a lasting impression on viewers with her stunning visuals and kindhearted personality toward the other contestants.

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Because of her popularity among viewers, they were genuinely shocked when Se Jeong left the show without ever going to Paradise.

| @jennonpark/Instagram

But even though Se Jeong is already a fan favorite, viewers of the show may now have a new reason to love the model.

As many of the show’s audience are K-Pop fans, they got excited when Se Jeong shared BIGBANG Taeyang and BTS Jimin‘s recent song “VIBE” on her Instagram.


As Se Jeong titled her Instagram story, which she shared from Jimin’s own Instagram post, “BEST OF THE BEST,” fans already suspected that Jimin might be her BTS bias.

Park Se Jeong shared “VIBE” on her Instagram story | @jadesjeon/Twitter

This seems even more likely because Se Jeong only follows RM and Jimin from BTS, along with other K-Pop idols like BLACKPINK and Red Velvet‘s Joy.

Some of Park Se Jeong’s Instagram following list | @jadesjeon/Twitter

Although it isn’t certain that Se Jeong is Jimin biased, she at least appears to be a fan who supports BTS’s music.

You can read more about what she’s been up to since the show here.

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