Somi Confidently Removes Her Hair Extensions And Reveals Why Most Female Idols Wear Them

Can’t help but love her!

Somi always looks amazing on stage, and it turns out one reason is because of hair extensions!

Somi performing “DUMB DUMB” at her showcase

Recently, Somi had her hair done by Kiu, a popular YouTuber. They talked about her comeback, funny hair habit, chill attitude with other hairstylists, and hair extensions.

When on the topic of hair extensions, Kiu explained that most female idols wear them.

Many girl group members use extensions. Almost all of them do.

— Kiu

Somi confirmed it and explained why they do so. Hair extensions make their hair appear fuller, which looks attractive when they’re performing on stage.

Right, because fuller hair looks nicer when you’re dancing.

— Somi

Agreeing with Somi, Kiu further explained that idols wear extensions for both length and volume.

They do it for the length but also for the volume. People with long hair do it too.

— Kiu

Unfortunately, there are negative sides to it too. Somi compared removing them to revealing her face without any makeup.

But taking them off feels like revealing my bare face.

— Somi

That may be the case, but she didn’t hesitate to show off her natural hair in front of the camera!

Upon seeing how confidently she removed them, Kiu remarked in surprise, “I didn’t think you’d take them off.

Somi replied, “I’m not that sensitive.”

Impressed, Kiu called her “so cool,” which she just laughed off.

Kiu is definitely right about that! Watch the full video below to see more of Somi.

Source: Kiu


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