Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Is Still Going Viral For “God’s Menu” Two Years Later

Everyone wants to know who he is.

It’s been almost two years since Stray Kids dropped “God’s Menu,” but it continues to have an impact. For Hyunjin, that means continuously going viral.

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“God’s Menu” was an iconic release for many reasons, including the choreography, visuals, and unique sound.

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Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan even chose “God’s Menu” after the group picked their own best music videos.

Everything was just really, really perfect. Like the transitions, the performance, the choreography, the visuals. And the overall impact that “God’s Menu” had, it was a really, really big turning point for Stray Kids, in my opinion. I think the boys feel the same, as well.

— Bang Chan

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Hyunjin goes viral on the regular. One fan recently tweeted pictures of him “getting ready for” the Met Gala, except they weren’t from the event at all. Still, locals flocked to the tweet, wanting to know who the beautiful man was.

So it’s no surprise that Hyunjin in “God’s Menu” is still making waves.

These days Hyunjin sometimes changes his “ne sonnim” (yes sir and ma’am) part.

Still, fans can’t deny Hyunjin goes hard during performances of the song.

One current viral edit has compiled several Hyunjin videos of a memorable “God’s Menu” move.

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The edit has gathered over 7.8 million views and 1.9 million likes in just three days.


この顔何回も見るよね     #straykids#skz#スキズ#ヒョンジン

♬ Tiuzni – Zoé

Even though “God’s Menu” was released in 2020, in 2022, Hyunjin is still charming new people with edits fans have made of him.

Another user initially posted the audio used for the TikTok video with another Hyunjin edit that went viral last month. That video boasts 9.2 million views and 1.9 million likes.


ib:@binnielvrrr #hyunjin#straykids#velocity#ae#kpopfyp

♬ Tiuzni – Zoé

These Hyunjin edits have attracted both potential fans and those already aware of his impact if the comments are anything to go by.

TikTok comments | @tiuzni/TikTok

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