Sunmi’s Latest Tweet Spree Is Too Relatable

Sunmi proved that she’s just like us.

On April 25, Sunmi took to Twitter to ask her fans if they wanted something crazy, hot, chill, or funny from her. Her responses to the fans’ choices were equal parts hilarious and relatable.

Sunmi looked like a beautiful version of The Ring in this “scary moment”. That feeling of looking into the mirror or at a picture and thinking “…scary” is probably more relatable than anyone would care to mention.

On the other hand, Sunmi was so fierce and sexy in this performance that she didn’t recognize herself.

This is also reminiscent of a certain meme…

Sunmi also became the life guru everyone needs for a moment on Twitter. She taught us that sometimes you just gotta suck it up and smile for the camera even though you’re terrified inside.

Sunmi chose her favorite moment, and it’s definitely one of everyone’s favorite moments as well. Unfortunately, the amount of times you should do this in the real world are few and far between.

Sunmi is the gift that keeps on giving and whatever “cool, hot, chill, funny” content she rolls out next is sure to be exactly what fans want and need.


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