“Three 14-Year Olds?!” — K-Pop Fans Have Some Mixed Feelings About An Upcoming Boy Group’s Line-Up

There has been a lot of debate over idols this young.

For some pre-debut K-Pop groups, simply announcing their name or who is in it can bring about some controversy. When NewJeans made their debut, there was a lot of discussion over the ages of some of the members.

NewJeans | @newjeans_ador/Twitter

A soon-to-debut boy group also has earned some mixed reactions to its line-up not only because of some members’ ages but worries over bullying as well.

The survival program Fantasy Boys recently ended, and with the final episode came the announcement of the debuting members of the group. Fantasy Boys was also announced as the 12 membered boy group’s name.

Fantasy Boys | @fantasyboys_twt/Twitter

Included in the line-up were Oh Hyeontae, Kim Gyurae, and Kaeden, who are all 14 years old.

Kim Gyurae
Oh Hyeontae

The contract term for most groups formed on survival programs is usually only 2-3 years, like recently announced group ZEROBASEONE‘s falling right in the middle at 2.5 years. Fantasy Boys’ contract will last seven years, meaning the three minors will be twenty-one before their contract ends.


Some fans were also not pleased about K-Soul‘s inclusion in the group. In addition to rumors about being older than he stated he was for this program, he was slammed for fatphobic remarks during the show.


Because of these issues, fans are concerned about the group’s lineup. While many believe the group will be successful because they are talented…

…many are stuck on the fact that so many youngsters are debuting in addition to K-Soul’s past behavior.

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