What TWICE’s Jihyo Now Thinks About The “Unflattering” Expression She Flashed During Sana’s Livestream

She didn’t know there were thousands of viewers!

During promotions for “The Feels,” TWICE‘s Jihyo made one of the cutest and funniest mistakes of her career.

TWICE’s Jihyo

It all started when she saw Sana approaching her with her phone.

The Japanese member was actually holding a live broadcast with thousands of fans watching, but Jihyo didn’t know that! She then did something Sana couldn’t have predicted… She flashed a funny facial expression.

Sana flipped the camera as fast as she could, but since it was live, she couldn’t erase the evidence.

One year later, Jihyo was asked about the mistake during an interview with GQ Korea, where she also rightfully claimed that one of their choreographies can be considered among the hardest in the K-Pop industry.

I had no idea they were doing a livestream,” she said about the incident.

The “Talk That Talk” singer then read out loud several netizen comments about it, one of them being, “I was thinking how much an idol would look ugly if they act ugly, but this is hilarious lol.” She laughed when she saw that, understanding what they meant.

Afterwards, she gave her honest opinion on it—she believes it’s cute! Jihyo explained that her members have taken much worse pictures of her, so this one is mild in comparison. Nonetheless, she was relieved that she didn’t do a very unflattering expression in the moment.

To be honest, this is cute. If the photos that the members have were shown to the public, our fans would be disappointed. So this is not bad, but it made me dizzy because I didn’t know that they were livestreaming. It’s a relief that I only did that much. It’s rather a relief.

— Jihyo

In the same interview, Jihyo named the TWICE song that has such a challenging choreography, not many other K-Pop songs can compare. See what it is in the article below.

TWICE’s Jihyo Boldly Claims One Of Their Choreographies Is Among The Hardest In K-Pop, And She Isn’t Wrong

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