TWICE’s Nayeon Proves Just How Much She Loves Her Fans In Her Recent Vlog

She really wants to be able to express her love to her fans.

All of TWICE are known for their kindness towards their fans. And this was no exception with their recent tour in the US, III. Throughout the tour, TWICE continued to show off not only their immense talent, great sense of humor, and stunning visuals, but they also continually proved how much they love their fans.

Like when Mina got to address fans in Fort Worth, Texas, close to her birthplace San Antonio. She was understandably emotional and happy to have finally been able to perform for fans in Texas.

TWICE’s Mina | @twicetagram/Instagram

Or when Dahyun showcased her true professionalism. At the same Fort Worth concert, she wasn’t feeling well, but she still went on stage and performed so well that fans did not know anything was wrong with the idol until she started to cry while thanking fans.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

One of the ways TWICE has frequently shown their love for international fans especially is their frequent use of English, trying to make sure that their fans in the US would be able to understand their remarks.

Tzuyu even convinced fans that she was secretly fluent in English when she corrected her grammar mid-sentence.

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @twicetagram/Instagram

But a recent vlog from Nayeon is showing fans just how much she, like her members, cares about her fans.

The vlog shows some of Nayeon’s daily life before the tour, with her playing cards, going to pilates, and answering some fans’ questions about her favorite drinks and snacks.

| TWICE/YouTube 

But what stood out most to fans was when she showed herself at an English lesson at the beginning of the vlog.

Although Nayeon’s captions explain that she has “never been able to stay consistent with [her English] lesson,” because of the tour and US promotions in general, she has been trying harder to be able to communicate with international fans.

TWICE’s Nayeon | TWICE/YouTube 

But even from the very beginning of the lesson, Nayeon is already demonstrating her expertise as she focuses on the differences in pronunciation between “tragedy” and “strategy.”

| TWICE/YouTube 

In her captions, Nayeon continues to add that her goal for learning English “is to really communicate with ONCE during the upcoming tour.”

| TWICE/YouTube 

Nayeon only further proves her dedication by having her teacher cater the lesson to words she can use to express her gratitude and happiness to fans.

| TWICE/YouTube 
| TWICE/YouTube 

Now that fans are aware of just how hard Nayeon was working to be able to communicate with international fans during the US tour, it only furthers how kindhearted and dedicated Nayeon is.

| TWICE/YouTube