TWICE’s Sana Does The Most Relatable Thing After Concerts, Here’s Her Post-Concert Routine

We’ve all done it.

TWICE recently completed their record-breaking III US tour and, as a gift for fans, are releasing behind-the-scenes vlogs that each of the members took while touring.

Tzuyu was the first member to release a TW-LOG, showcasing all the members’ natural beauty.

TWICE Shows Off Their Gorgeous, Bare-Faced Visuals In New Tour Vlog

Jeongyeon then released a vlog that talked about the struggles she faced performing for the first time since her hiatus.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon Gets Nervous About Performing After Her Hiatus, But The Members Are There To Cheer Her On

And Nayeon‘s vlog also talked about the difficulties of touring.

TWICE’s Nayeon Gets Real About The Struggles Of Touring

Most recently, Sana has released her vlog, which showcases her bright personality throughout the tour.

TWICE’s Sana | TWICE/YouTube 

But even when you’re as naturally energetic as Sana, having such an exhausting schedule is still draining. And how much of a toll touring takes is very evident through Sana’s relatable routine after each concert.

| TWICE/YouTube 

Sana explains that when she returns to the hotel after the concert is finished, she “just [passes] out.”

| TWICE/YouTube 

She doesn’t even wash up before falling asleep since “the bed is right there.”

| TWICE/YouTube 

But, she only rests for about an hour before waking back up.

| TWICE/YouTube 

When she wakes up, Sana stays on her phone for a bit and then goes back to sleep.

| TWICE/YouTube 

Which, honestly, everyone can relate to after having a long, exhausting day.

| TWICE/YouTube 

You can read more about Sana’s TW-LOG here.

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