TXT Made Possible BTS References, Now Fans Are Getting Scared

A TXT x BTS crossover may be coming.

Fans are freaking out about Big Hit Entertainment‘s plans after spotting several possible BTS references in a new TXT video.


Ever since TXT teasers started dropping, many fans have wondered if the “BTS Universe” and “TXT Universe” will crossover. New ‘evidence’ suggests that the answer could be “yes”.


On March 4, TXT held their highly anticipated Debut Celebration Show on Mnet. Part of it included an animated video about an outcast boy with horns.


At the 0:34 mark, the message “WHO AM I?” pops up.


The same message appeared in BTS’s 2018 MAMA intro for “FAKE LOVE”.


Fans have also pointed out that the light the horned boy runs toward resembles BTS’s logo.


After entering the light, the horned boy meets a boy with wings. This boy could be referencing the fallen angel played during BTS’s Wings era.


Fans have also noted the use of color. Purple has been associated with BTS ever since V coined the phrase “I purple you”. The colors yellow and blue have been featured in TXT’s logo, debut music video, and more.


Fans are excited, and a little scared, to find out what it all means!


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