TXT’s Name Has Been Given A Painfully Accurate New Meaning

Netizens say this is the true reason why BigHit Entertainment chose the name “TXT”.

TXT” is short for “Tomorrow x Together“, but netizens have recently come up an alternate meaning that is hilariously, and painfully, accurate.


It’s been nearly a month since this “Team of Visuals” went public, and even through BigHit Entertainment has released two series of intro teasers, the members remain shrouded in mystery.


Netizens have uncovered the members’ birthdays, possible positions, predebut photos, and more, but one very important thing remains elusive…


…TXT’s voices!


So far, the members haven’t spoken a single word!


All of TXT’s Twitter and Instagram videos, like this viral clip of Soobin and HueningKai, are either muted or set to music to mask the members’ voices.


Some netizens have jokingly suggested that TXT is called TXT because they can’t speak!


Others claim that the members can only communicate in Morse code.


Fans are dying to hear TXT’s vocal and rapping skills, but it looks like they may have to wait until TXT officially debuts!

TXT's Debut