VIXX’s N Reveals What He Wants To Do For His Teammates When They Enlist

They probably won’t be interested in what he’s trying to offer.

VIXX‘s N has been enlisted since March 2019 and has received visits from his family and friends during his time in the military.

He often updates fans on his life through his YouTube channel. In a letter that was posted online, including to his YouTube community page, N shared what he’s been up to recently.

I like to keep myself busy all the time, so I’ve been looking for ways to try new things while staying on the military base. A soldier’s day gets pretty repetitious and I wanted to switch things up — so I volunteered to become a barber soldier. For the past two months, I’ve helped 15-20 soldiers get haircuts. So far, I’ve cut about 130 soldiers’ hairs. To be totally honest, I think the first soldier I helped, I sent him off with a lopsided haircut. ^^ ㅋㅋ Now, I’ve gotten better at it and other bases want to get their haircuts from me. So my weekends are booked.


Source: N

Now that N has successfully become a barber soldier, he revealed that he’d love to give his teammates military haircuts when the time for them to enlist comes!

Buzz cuts may seem all the same, but they require different techniques, okay? I’m not sure if they’d be down, but I think it would be nice if I could give my teammates their military haircuts when the time comes for them to enlist as well. ㅋㅋ


Source: N

N’s groupmate Leo began his military service in December. Do you think he had the chance to cut his hair yet? 🤭

Source: The Qoo