Where Is He Now? “The World of the Married” Teen Actor Criticized For “Offensive” Social Media Posts

He went years without being seen on screen.

The 2020 K-Drama The World of the Married earned high ratings upon its release, which skyrocketed it into popularity. That popularity was a double-edged sword for its cast. Besides teen actor Jung Joon Won going viral for allegedly drinking and smoking underage, his on-screen best friend also faced a similar fate.

Teen actor Jeon Jin Seo was called out for his past comments on Facebook, which showed the teen actor cursing online and posting misogynist images that netizens called “inappropriate” and “offensive.

Jeon Jin Seo in “The World of the Married.”

Jeon Jin Seo’s agency issued an apology as netizens defended the teenager for doing what others have done at his age. However, the apology didn’t seem to work in the actor’s favor.

I realized it was my mistake and accepted it. But when I went into hair and makeup, I burst into tears. I had to get ready and go in, but I cried for twenty minutes.

— Jeon Jin Seo

Despite the success of The World of the Married, Jeon Jin Seo seemingly appeared to have received one acting role afterward. He was cast as BTS‘s Jungkook in the movie Begins Youth, inspired by the groundbreaking boy group.

| @jeon.jin.seo/Instagram

Keeping a low profile, Jeon Jin Seo has opted to leave social media behind. The Instagram account that was run by his mother is no longer active. That doesn’t mean he’s disappeared completely.

Jeon Jin Seo’s Instagram account.

Although Begins Youth has been in limbo since 2020 and still doesn’t have a release date, Jeon Jin Seo has appeared on screen for the first time in four years through OVERZEST‘s web series The Moment We Wanted.

Besides his currently airing web series, it looks like the seventeen-year-old has been focusing on his studies away from the entertainment industry.

Where Are They Now?

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